Mission Statement

While creating a positive and healthy work environment, our mission is to seek out truly talented artists, and accompany them on their journey to global success.

Darrell Clulow

From an early age, Darrell has been passionate about music and the people that create it. While sharing music as a mobile DJ, lighting local bands in Phoenix Arizona, and providing tour support for the largest bands in the world, it has always been about the creativity of the music and the excitement of the live show.

With over 40 years of entertainment industry experience, Darrell has a history in radio broadcasting, production and tour management, and oversees technical operations for the world’s largest casino entertainment company. Darrell brings his can and will do philosophy to every aspect of Southwest Artist Group.

Andrea Hack

Andrea has always had a desire to see other people succeed in life no matter what career path they decided to choose. As a leader with the Walt Disney Company she was able to guide and mentor her team to achieve their goals and be more successful by connecting them with key players in the fields that they were interested in.

With over 20 years of experience in teaching, retail and logistics management, as well as marketing and event operations; Andrea brings the ability to let others shine while she runs the show from the shadows. What gives her the most joy is knowing that she helped make something beautiful and doesn’t need the credit for it.