Karen Luther

For those who love creativity in all forms you will immediately understand the mind of Karen Luther. From painting to cooking and gardening, to decorating and singing and everything that creates the desire to keep learning and experimenting, these are the things that always keep her looking forward. But it was one life changing moment in high school when she read her first science fiction novel that she found herself hooked on reading.

Her college years opened the doors to many subjects and ideas that only made her want to keep learning and trying new things.

In 2018 she entered an art show put on by the city of Costa Mesa where three of her paintings were shown and again in 2019 where another three of her paintings were accepted. That was when she realized it really was that easy for one person to make a difference.

It has always been her love of reading and knowing how much she has learned from simply opening a book and getting lost in a story that made her want to try her hand at writing and bringing that excitement to others. In 2019 she published her first book, Daniel’s Quest. It was geared toward the younger crowd and it was an easy and fun story. Her first book was so well received that she has continued the story with a second book and a third to end the series that will be published soon. She has found that writing is just as compelling as reading and she never wants the fun of picking up a book and getting lost in a story to be lost.

She hopes to be able to spend more time traveling with her husband, seeing new places and meeting new people to inspire her writing and challenging her in new ways.